INSTRUCTIONS: Usernames and passwords.

  1. Students: Your username is your LastNameFirstName. (All one word, with no spaces or characters between last name and first name. Example: Student LeBron James's username would be "JamesLeBron".)
  2. Staff, Faculty, and Adminstrators: Your username is your FirstInitialLastName. (All one word, with no spaces or characters between first initial and last name. Example: Teacher Lady Gaga's username would be "LGaga".)
  3. Parents: Your username is the complete email address you provided to the school. (Example: username is "IamaParent@gmail.com")
  4. If you still have trouble with your username: It is the same as the first half of your Steelton issued email address (your "@shsdrollers.org" email address for students, or "@shsd.k12.pa.us" for admins, teachers and staff).
  5. All first-time users: Enter the initial password you were given and you will be asked to change it.

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